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Biting your tongue is painful, but nothing is worse than having a mouth all torn up from braces. This happens because the brackets rub against the soft tissues of your cheeks, and soon they become raw and sore begin to form. The sores from braces and canker sores are very similar, and it becomes very painful to talk or to eat.

But be patient we know you can handle these mouth sores, and most of them heal after a week or two. The tissues inside your mouth begin to toughen up as scar tissue forms at the sore spots. However, sometimes some of these sores stay a little bit longer or are just too irritating to deal with.

For some people, it is very difficult to deal with sores in their mouth even for a few days. If you are one of them, then keep reading! You do not need to suffer from a painful mouth. Here are some hacks that you can use to feel better.

Warm Salt Water Rinse

This is the easiest solution here. Just add a teaspoon of table salt into a glass of warm water and stir until the salt is dissolved. Use this warm solution to rinse your mouth several times a day. The saltwater solution soothes and heals the mouth sores.

Apply a Tea Bag

This is one of the most natural ways to manage pain. Soak the tea bag into warm water and then place it on the sore. Tea contains antiseptic ingredients that reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort. This solution also helps to keep your mouth clean.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Foods and drinks with high acid levels can burn the soft tissue inside your mouth and can worsen the mouth sores. Avoid items such as citrus juices and tomato products until your mouth sores begin to heal.

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