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Are you trying to recognize the symptoms of a failed root canal? Among many unpleasant dental works, root canal tops the list. Although a well-experienced dentist can carry out the procedure with reduced pain and discomfort, there is no way to avoid it fully. However, the real problem occurs when the root canal goes wrong.

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What are the signs & symptoms of root canal treatment failure?

Although there are many, this article covers only some of the most common symptoms. The good news is that majority of these signs can be due to some other reasons and not related to your failed root canal. Therefore until and unless you have most or all of the following symptoms, you don’t need to panic.

Tenderness or Pain

Once your recovery from the root canal therapy is over, your tooth shouldn’t be sensitive anymore. But if you feel pain whenever you apply pressure to the tooth, like chewing anything, you might have a root canal failure. This toothache is due to the inflammation of the surrounding tissues, usually caused when pus and other infectious materials ooze out of the tooth.

Failed root canal – Swelling

Once the recovery is complete, the area around the affected tooth should not be swollen. If you see any swelling around your face or neck, you should immediately see your dentist. Swelling normally signifies severe infection (or re-infection, in this case), and can lead to bigger problems if not treated quickly.

Hot or Cold Sensitivity 

Sometimes, failed root canal symptoms can cause you to experience conditional tooth sensitivity. Though you will experience pain and discomfort, only under certain conditions. For instance, you may experience throbbing tooth pain when you take a sip of hot coffee or a drink from a cold soda.


Tooth discoloration is usual after a root canal treatment. But why is that?

To recognize failed root canal symptoms, you should also learn something about the tooth discoloration.

When your endodontist makes an opening into your teeth, they remove all the nerves. Typically you will experience some bleeding (which is very normal) as the bad tissues are removed. This blood then seeps into the filler and dries, giving you a discolored tooth.

Persistent Pain

Tooth pain is common after a root canal, but if it continues long after the procedure is complete, you should take it as a warning. You should be especially concerned if you undergo frequent pain with no apparent cause, or if the pain becomes severe over time.

Summing Up

The aim of this blog is to create awareness regarding the symptoms of a failed root canal, so you can easily recognize it and immediately help yourself and your family and friends. If you feel you need expert examination for the treatment, reach out to us.

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