Is Extraction the Solution for Every Type of Tooth Decay?

Is Extraction the Solution for Every Type of Tooth Decay?


There was a time when any dental problem had one solution – to pull it out. We have come a long way since then. Today, tooth extraction is the last resort. The aim is to prolong the life of the natural tooth and preserve the full tooth or even just the root and a few cusps. Nothing can replace it in function.

At Prestigious Smiles Dentistry, Texas, we are experts at full mouth rehab and oral surgery. Dr. Arezo Zarghouni will explore and explain all options, and ensure everything is done to restore your natural teeth. Until then, let’s understand the necessity of a tooth extraction. 

When Is Tooth Extraction Absolutely Necessary?

As a treatment option, tooth extraction is cheapest but the world of dentistry has evolved. You should consider extraction as a treatment only under the following circumstances: 

  • Severe trauma
  • Impaction when the tooth is hidden within the jaw and does not have space to erupt
  • Overcrowding due to small jaw size
  • Severe gum disease where the teeth are mobile, and the bone cannot support the teeth, even if treated
  • As part of orthodontic treatment
  • Decay beyond repair, where root canal is not feasible

What Are Some Alternatives to Tooth Extraction?

Of the above conditions, tooth decay is one condition where we have many alternatives to removal. For the other conditions, extraction still would be the option. Some options to restore teeth without resorting to removal include the following:

  • Root Canal Treatment:More and more teeth are now treated with root canal with advance in techniques and material available to dentists.
  • Crowns and Bridges:By removing the decayed part, the tooth can be rebuilt into its original shape by using various metals or ceramics.
  • Apicoectomy:The root tip is cut off to remove/reduce the infection while the rest of the tooth is still kept intact.
  • Dental Implants: An artificial root is made of titanium or other biocompatible material and placed into the bone and allowed to be absorbed into the bone. An artificial tooth is then placed over this, providing a good alternative.

Are you suffering from toothache and need a solution that does not lead to a tooth extraction procedure? Please visit our Dentist in Houston, TX at Prestigious Smiles Dentistry, Houston, Texas 77069. You can also call us at (281) 880-6666, and schedule an appointment. 

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