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Is your mouth full of metallic wires these days? If yes, then it means that you are undergoing a braces treatment, and now your orthodontist has told that you need to wear rubber bands for braces. You may be wondering, what are rubber bands, and are they really important?

What Rubber Bands Do For Braces?

Elastic rubber bands are one of the most common tools dentists use to correct your teeth alignment. Everyone with traditional metal braces has to wear rubber bands. They are necessary to provide the force needed to move the jaws and teeth to help straighten your smile. Wearing rubber bands without skipping a day is very important to speed up the treatment. If you decide to wear them one day and remove the other day, your teeth will not shift and straighten with the desired speed, prolonging the treatment.

Do They Look Bad?

Rubber bands for braces are not boring at all, and they look great. They come in a variety of colors that you can change every time you visit your dentist. If a prom night is coming and you have decided the dress you are wearing; you can ask your orthodontist to change your bands’ color that matches your prom suit.

Do Rubber Bands For Braces Hurt?

Sometimes your elastics (rubber bands) can cause pain in teeth and jaws. But do you know this is good news? Jaw or tooth pain due to rubber bands means that they are working, and your teeth are shifting correctly. The pain is not so severe and will get better within a day or two. So while in discomfort, if you decide to remove your bands, it will slow down your teeth movement, and when you try to put them back on, the pain will start again.

How Long Do You Have To Wear Rubber Bands For Braces?

This is the most common question people with braces ask. The length of time you need to have your elastics on depends on your bite and the severity of misalignment. The time can vary from 5-10 months.

When you are wearing your elastic bands, please make sure to wear it for every hour of the day for the prescribed period. However, you can remove your rubber bands when brushing your teeth and enjoying your meal. Another time your bands are removed is when your orthodontist changes them.

For a quick and effective braces treatment, dental experts at Prestigious Smiles Dentistry recommend wearing your rubber bands 24 hours a day without any gap. When you first get them on, you will experience a little discomfort and soreness, but we assure you it will get better with time.

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