Why Choose a Smile Makeover

Why Choose a Smile Makeover


Your smile is quite essential to you. When you smile, it could brighten your whole face. It could communicate to others that you are cheerful and in a positive mood. Teeth can also make you appear younger or more accomplished. If your smile does not meet your expectations, you might want to contact a cosmetic dentist about a smile makeover.
Here are some reasons for a smile makeover:

A Cracked Tooth

It's natural to have a chipped tooth, but there are things you can do about it. A dentist can mold resin over the tooth via direct bonding. This can help make the chip less visible. Because the resin is tooth-colored, it will not be noticeable. It will be toughened using a specific light after being applied. This process requires only one visit.

Teeth Discoloration

Teeth stains can be caused by genetics, drugs, meals and drinks, trauma, and lifestyle choices, among others. You may want a brighter smile by removing the discoloration. This is something that professional tooth whitening treatments may help with. The dentist can provide in-office whitening or a take-home kit.

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth can cause issues with your bite. It can also make mouth cleaning more difficult. Orthodontic treatment is available for dental disorders such as crooked teeth. Braces and Invisalign are two common methods for straightening teeth.

Dental Health

A smile makeover is meant for more than simply aesthetic reasons. It can enhance a person's oral health while also reducing the likelihood of future dental issues. For example, if someone has a cavity, a filling can be utilized to keep the decay from spreading. The use of tooth-colored fillings keeps teeth looking natural. 

One other example is a fresh porcelain crown applied to cover a broken tooth. It might blend in with the rest of the teeth. Some patients already have major dental problems that compromise the appearance and function of their teeth. If this is the case, dental operations may entail a number of oral health and aesthetic treatments.

When Are You Going to Work on Your Smile?

Whether your worries are solely cosmetic or you are concerned about your dental health, a smile makeover may be precisely what you need. Consult with our dentist to learn about your options and how to get started.

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