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When most people think of a toothache, they immediately think of cavities. And, while this is often the case, there are actually a number of reasons someone may experience a hurting tooth. Some of the most common reasons someone may experience a toothache include:

Tooth Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is an extremely common condition, with a variety of things causing it, from the hardness of your brush, how hard you brush, and even the kinds of beverages and foods you consume. Certain toothpaste can help reduce tooth sensitivity along with professional fluoride treatments and sealants.

Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is often caused by a patient neglecting their dental care; bacteria left inside the mouth begins to create acid, eating away at tooth enamel and eventually causing cavities. When it comes to treating cavities, fillings, crowns and even inlays and onlays can be effective at stopping the pain and reducing the risk of further damage.

Tooth Damage:  Experiencing a traumatic dental injury doesn’t always result in noticeable damage and can, in fact, cause damage directly to the root and other parts of the tooth. If you previously experienced an injury and are now experiencing dental pain, it could be due to your prior accident. In these cases, a professional dentist can evaluate your oral health to see which treatment options may be able to relieve the symptoms and stop any further damage from occurring.

Clenching/Grinding: Another extremely common reason patients experience tooth pain is due to unconscious clenching and grinding. This can be a result of bruxism or even TMJ. For stopping dental pain associated with clenching and grinding, we recommend a custom mouthguard which can protect teeth from the habit.

Wisdom Teeth: If you are a teen or young adult, tooth pain can also be associated with wisdom teeth. They typically start to erupt in the late teens and early twenties. Unfortunately, most people experience complications such as impaction and infection when it comes to wisdom teeth, so some dentists may recommend their removal.

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