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Water: An essential needed to live life. 

Many of us accept the fact that water is an important and necessary aspect of our life; however, there are many who do not drink enough water and instead choose to drink unhealthy alternatives. Some may drink a coke every day, some may drink a Fanta, and others simply drink Gatorade and other sports drinks as a replacement to a nice, crisp glass of water. There are many reasons why you should drink water consistently in order to keep your dental health at the top of the line.

Water restores teeth

One of the easiest and beneficial ways to prevent cavities is by drinking water-especially water that consists of fluoride. Many studies have shown that those who drink non-fluoridated water tended to have more tooth decay than those who consistently drank water with fluoride included.

Water keeps your mouth dirty-free

Pepsi, Gatorade, and other sugar-based drinks can have harmful effects on our teeth. When you drink either, they leave behind sugar that is not appreciated your teeth. Cavity-causing bacteria love to eat that sugar; however, they can cause acid to be produced on your teeth, which can severely damage your enamel. Many drinks include harmful acids that can also cause your enamel to decay. Water helps remove the leftover food and sugar that bacteria are scavenging for. It also helps reduce the toxicity of the acid so that it can not damage your enamel. However, it is still necessary to brush twice a day for at least two minutes to ensure your teeth are fully cleaned. Water is just an extra helper to your brush and toothpaste.

Now that you know the benefits of water, ensure you are drinking enough to help fight cavities and keep your teeth healthy. Of course, you should continue visiting your dentist and brush twice a day. If you need cleaning for your teeth, visit your local dentist in Houston, Texas, like Prestigeious Smile. Call Dentist in Houston, TX at 281-880-6666 or visit our website at https://www.prestigioussmile.com/. We want to ensure you have clean teeth while also staying safe during these times of COVID-19!


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