If you had a cavity and went to the dentist to get it taken care of, you likely left the facility with a shiny new dental filling. At this point, most people completely forget about their fillings and go on with their normal lives never thinking about it again. This holds true until a filling accidentally comes out. Then, you are suddenly shocked back into the realization that you had that filling in the first place. Some people write off a filling coming out as purely accidental, but is that true?

You may be surprised to find that fillings just don’t last forever. They have a limited lifespan. Unfortunately, we can’t just tell you exactly how long yours will last because there are just too many factors to consider. How big is the filling? What is it made out of? How often do you chew hard objects or foods? Do you grind your teeth? Do you maintain healthy oral hygiene habits? All of these things can factor into how long your dental filling will last. Every single person who has fillings will have a different “expiration date,” so to speak, on their fillings.

We Check Your Fillings at Your Regular Visits

Thankfully, it’s not your job to see how your fillings are holding up. We will be checking your fillings every time you come in for a checkup. We look for things like regular wear and tear to see if it’s almost time to replace your filling. Optimally, it should be replaced before it ever has a chance to crack, fall out, or become ineffective. There is no need to worry even if your filling does happen to come out accidentally. We are here for you in case of an emergency. Call us anytime, day or night, and we will be able to schedule an appointment promptly to care for your dental needs.