Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

After you’ve had a cavity drilled, your dentist will need to fill the space with a filling. At Prestigious Smiles Dental in North Houston, we’re happy to offer composite fillings rather than the metal fillings of decades past. These fillings are made of a tooth-colored combination of resin and glass rather than metal amalgam and are better for your teeth overall.


  • They look more natural than traditional metal fillings.
  • They don’t contain mercury or other potentially harmful materials.
  • They make teeth stronger.
  • They prevent tooth decay from returning to the area.


First, Dr. Zarghouni will drill into the tooth that has a cavity and remove any decayed or damaged areas. She will then place the filling. Once the filling has hardened, Dr. Zarghouni will polish it so that it’s the same texture as the rest of your tooth and fits comfortably with the rest of your teeth when you bite down.

After receiving a filling, the area might feel strange for a few days as your mouth is not used to the new material. This is normal, and you should adjust to the feeling within the week.

To schedule an appointment to have a cavity filled, give our North Houston office a call to talk to one of our office staff members today.


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