Implant Crown

Implant Crown

Dental implants are one of the most popular offerings of restorative dentistry. These custom-fitted, artificial tooth roots made from medical grade titanium are designed to match your natural teeth perfectly, making them an excellent choice for filling gaps and restoring your smile.

Because they’re anchored to your jawbone much like a real tooth root, implants are strong, stable, and permanent. Once the implant fuses with your jawbone and the surrounding tissues have healed, it’s fitted with a custom-crafted dental restoration.

A single implant is capped with a porcelain crown, multiple implants are often finished with a bridge, and a full-arch replacement typically receives an implant overdenture.


The dental implantation process starts with the surgery itself, which is an in-office procedure done with a local anesthetic. If your treatment plan requires any tooth extractions, Dr. Zarghouni will gently remove those teeth and prepare the area for implantation.

After surgically placing the artificial tooth root in your jawbone, Dr. Zarghouni stitches your gum tissue closed to help protect the implant as it fuses with your bone. For most patients, the healing and fusion process takes three to six months to complete.

Once the implant is fused and you’re ready for the next step, you return to the office to receive your custom-made porcelain crown, bridge, or overdenture.

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