Implant Crown in Houston, TX

Implant Crown in Houston, TX

Dental Implants have been used for many decades now for replacing missing natural teeth. They can be combined with various types of prostheses to replace teeth, such as crowns, bridges, and even dentures. Perhaps, the most widely employed application of implants is to replace a single missing tooth along with a ceramic crown.

What Are Implants Made from?

Dental implants contain an implant stud made from a very strong and durable metal. Titanium is the first choice for this, as it is one of the strongest metals known to us. The visible crown is made from dental-grade ceramic, a highly durable and customizable material that is perfect for fabricating restorations. Together, they form a complete restoration that replaces the tooth as a whole.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

  • Implants restore your ability to bite and chew foods as usual.
  • They are long-lasting restorations, with instances of implants lasting for more than 20 years in some individuals.
  • Implants improve jawbone health as they keep the bone from deteriorating, thanks to the screw-like grooves on the surface of the implant stud.
  • The ceramic crown can be customized to mimic the aesthetics of the natural teeth perfectly, which helps keep the prosthetic tooth indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Implants prevent the adjoining natural teeth from drifting from their orthodontically correct positions.
  • Implants offer impressive stability as they are placed directly in the jawbone.

How Is an Implant Placed?

At Prestigious Smiles, dental implants require the patient to satisfy a few physical conditions to be deemed suitable for the restoration. Some of them are adequate jawbone volume, ample spacing for implant placement, a good overall state of health, willingness to undergo multiple oral surgeries, etc. Once these factors are met, we will confirm your eligibility. X-rays and digital scans of the mouth will be taken to get a better view of the jawbone and tooth roots as well.

During the initial surgery, we will administer local anesthesia to numb the oral tissues before making a small hole in the jawbone. Dr. Zarghouni will meticulously place the implant stud in the hole and secure it firmly with dental adhesives. After a healing period of a few months, we will schedule the follow-up consultation to place the abutment and ceramic crown on it. The crown will be attached to the implant after confirming its alignment and position. We will then take a bite test and polish the crown to make it appear as pleasing as possible.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Zarghouni, to get all your oral concerns addressed at the earliest. Please call Dentist in Houston TX at (281) 880-6666 or reach out through online consultation and we’ll be happy to help.

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