Advantages of Having Dental Implants

Advantages of Having Dental Implants


A dental implant can mimic the whole structure of a tooth. It is an effective method for tooth restoration because an implant acts like a natural tooth. It is used to replace either single or multiple missing teeth.

Dental implants last a lifetime when given proper care and attention. It should be treated just the same as natural teeth. It thereby acts and feels like the natural one.

What Are the Benefits of Having Dental Implants?

  • Once the treatment is done, the result looks just like the original. It would be difficult for someone to distinguish between the actual teeth and the new restorations.
  • It acts like a natural tooth, providing all the strength and functions of the same. Its stability is much like the natural tooth.
  • It is an incredible method to avoid bone loss as it stimulates the growth of new bone.
  • Dental implants help restore the proper structure of your face. As it enables strong jawbones, dental implants help in protecting the facial structure.
  • Dental implants help people to chew and bite as normal. They are more stable and properly remain in place well.
  • Since they are properly held in your jaw bone, it doesn't move. Hence dental implants help in boosting one's confidence while laughing and talking.
  • As they are directly embedded in your jaw bone, implants are much more comfortable. It eradicates the irritation of loose dentures.
  • As implants get tightly held in position, it doesn't allow the bacteria or leftover food to enter the gap. It helps an individual to avoid gum diseases.

How to Care for Dental Implants

For better results after implants, certain preventive measures should be taken. Following are some of the regulations to follow:

  • It is better to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor for the first few days after the treatment. This relieves pain and discomfort.
  • Initially, it is always advisable to eat only soft foods that do not require a lot of chewing and biting. Gradually the patients can move to the harder foods.
  • It is advisable to clean and floss at least twice a day with a gentle toothbrush.

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