Root Canals (Endodontics)

Root Canals (Endodontics) is a procedure that aims to preserve damaged teeth, thus preventing their loss. To do this, the dental pulp is extracted and the resulting cavity is filled and sealed with inert and biocompatible material.

This treatment of tooth canals is one of the most commonly used in Prestigious Smiles Dentistry. In several sessions our specialists save the tooth and reconstruct it so that it looks perfect. Caries is one of the main causes of oral diseases. Failure to treat it in time can have serious consequences.

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Houston Root Canals (Endodontics)

Houston Root Canals (Endodontics)

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Root Canals (Endodontics)
Frequently Asked Questions

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Is endodontic treatment painful?

Generally, endodontic treatment does not hurt, but it is completely normal to have some discomfort when biting or hitting the tooth due to inflammation of the end of the root after having been instrumenting that area.

How is the recovery?

Generally during the following days you will notice a pain or discomfort when chewing that lasts 2-5 days. Normally a provisional filling is placed until the definitive reconstruction is carried out. The endodontic tooth is more fragile and therefore after a few months a cover is placed to protect it and prevent fracture.

Can the tooth hurt after some time even though a root canal has been done?

The cause is that although there is no nerve, the bone and gum surrounding the tooth can become inflamed and infected and therefore the area of the tooth can hurt. the tooth.

Is it advisable to put a crown or cap on an endodontically treated tooth?

The endodontic tooth stops receiving irrigation and therefore the dentin becomes more fragile and consequently easier to break. The sheath will protect the tooth from this fracture.

Are root canals performed in children?

Yes, they are performed, although with specifications, depending on whether it is a temporary or permanent tooth. And in definitive teeth with certain differences, if the root is with the apex closed or not.

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Applications of Root Canals

At Prestigious Smiles, we use root canals to treat the following oral conditions:

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Root exposure due to periodontal disease

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Deep caries

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Major reconstructions

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What are the advantages of a root canal?

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Bacteria and microorganisms that have damaged the tooth are eliminated.

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It radically and definitively puts an end to the strong pain felt by the patient.

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The materials used in the filling of the nerve are totally bio-compatible.

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It is a good method to end halitosis.

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Prevents adjacent teeth from moving and shifting.

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It avoids more expensive treatments.

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How is a Root Canals (Endodontics)?

Although endodontics is an easy procedure to perform, it is necessary to go through different phases to guarantee an effective result.

First of all, at Prestigious Smiles Dentistry we perform an exhaustive intraoral exploration together with the appropriate X-rays to elaborate a complete diagnosis that determines the correct treatment. Once the procedure has been established, we move on to endodontics. This will always be performed under local anesthesia. To do this, our professionals must ensure that the area is not inflamed or infected. If it is, they will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatories before the intervention.

During endodontics, our dentists access the dental pulp through a perforation in the crown of the tooth. They then remove the infected tissue and clean the reticular canals. Once the area is disinfected, the filling phase finally arrives. This consists of filling and sealing the cleaned canals with inert material. In some cases, tooth reconstruction is necessary. After an endodontic treatment, our professionals will return to the patient to restore the affected tooth to its original appearance.

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