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If you are getting used to dentures, you may feel pain and discomfort. Wearing and getting comfortable with your dentures are incredibly vital to your health. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to get a fantastic smile. Today, we will be looking at different tips to help you adjust to your new teeth!

Set expectations you can achieve

Dentures will feel like a foreign object the first time you wear them, like a braces pair. Many times, you may feel embarrassed to learn how to eat and speak while wearing them naturally. It’s important to remember that it is entirely normal to feel discomfort and a little shock as you adjust to this new norm—furthermore, it’s good to keep in mind that this won’t last forever.

According to the ADA, it is a typical experience to feel some soreness after getting your new dentures. One necessary thing you can do is to regularly visit your dentist so that they can readjust your dentures to help relieve some discomfort. In addition, you may want to remove your dentures every four hours since your jaw and gums are still getting used to them.

Even after getting dentures, nutritious foods are essential! Do not settle for processed foods! Start with soft foods that are reasonably easy to chew and then work to chew up harder items-like apples or red meat.

Try exercising your cheeks

Your cheek muscles are your buccinator muscles. These help direct the food in your mouth while you prepare to swallow. Just like working out any part of your body, building these muscles in the first few weeks is extremely vital and can help give you more control over the meals you eat.

If you have severe cheek pain, immediately schedule a dentist appointment with your expert dentist, like Prestigious Smiles Dentistry.

Try singing your speech

According to many studies, music is an excellent form of speech training. Try singing along to your favorite music with your new dentures. Different techniques, such as singing smooth, fluid phrases at prolonged rates, can help you form certain words much more easily and quickly. This will allow you to make your dentures feel like they are not a hindrance.

Try following a post-extraction plan

When you get your dentures, it is vital to stay on top of your treatment plan. Whether you have full or partial dentures, it will take quite a while to get comfortable wearing them. This is because dentures come to fit differently as your gum line starts to shift over time. For that, it is necessary to take prescribed medication and attend dental appointments to help cut down on the discomfort during your tradition.

Try experimenting with an adhesive

Talk to your prosthodontist or dentist about the best adhesives or dental creams that would work for you. Even a small amount can help reduce any irritation you may be suffering. If you have poorly fitting dentures, do not use adhesives, and schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. This may help give you a lasting adjustment that can create a better fit.

Are you in need of dentures?

Getting used to dentures may be difficult, but finding a dentist that genuinely cares shouldn’t be. If you need dentures or denture care, you have come to the right place! Prestigious Smiles Dentistry is here to help with all of your denture needs. We are your local dentist in Houston, Teas, and we want to ensure you have a professional dentist that sincerely cares about you and your family. To learn more, you can easily call Dentist in Houston, TX at 281-880-6666. You can also visit our website at

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