Major Reasons for Considering a Smile Makeover

Major Reasons for Considering a Smile Makeover


A good smile helps you to stay younger and more attractive. A smile makeover helps to transform your smile through various cosmetic dentistry approaches. It is a customized and individualized plan that is created to achieve your dream smile. 

A smile makeover considers certain aspects such as facial shape, facial symmetry, skin tone, and the current appearance of the teeth. 

People have smile makeovers for various reasons. Many of them do not feel great about their smiles as they seem to dislike certain aspects of their smiles. The following are the major reasons for a smile makeover: 

Improve your Confidence

Broken teeth, stains, the gap between the teeth outweigh your appearance. People with such problems find it difficult to smile confidently. Bright and straight teeth not only makes a person beautiful to others but also boosts one's self-confidence. 

It helps make you more confident to interact with others. It transforms how you feel about yourself at work or in any other social situation. 

Straighten Misaligned or Crooked Teeth

Many problems arise when teeth are not straight. Teeth that aren't straight force other teeth out of position. This makes the smile look terrible. To straighten misalignment or to correct crooked teeth is an effective part of a smile makeover. Treatments such as bonding, veneers, or clear braces can be employed to make the teeth straight. 

Better Oral and Overall Health

A smile makeover helps to attain better oral and overall health benefits. People with misaligned teeth, broken teeth, cracked teeth are more likely to suffer from many diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease. Straight teeth make it better and easier to clean and also make it look healthier. 

Gum diseases or tooth decay also lead to many other health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer's. A smile makeover helps to prevent such problems and improves one's well-being.

Better Function

A smile makeover improves better functioning of the teeth. It makes it difficult to speak, eat, or chew when teeth are not in a good condition. People with missing teeth struggle to eat or chew food properly and also find it difficult to speak understandably. A smile makeover enables better chewing function and ensures more fluent speaking. 

The dentists at Prestigious Smiles can help you to achieve your dream smile through a smile makeover. We are located at 14119 Stuebner Airline Rd, Houston, TX 77069. Contact Dentist in Houston TX at (281) 880-6666 or visit our website to book an appointment with us. 

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