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There are a ton of post-wisdom teeth removal videos online that show funny reactions people have when waking up from the general anaesthesia. Generally, the videos are taken by the parents of those undergoing the procedure and end up being so funny that they have to share them online. Many have gone viral and been shared on various social media platforms. Ever wondered what makes people behave so silly after they wake up from their wisdom teeth extractions?

The Culprit: Anesthesia

It is the anaesthesia, or sedation method, that makes people a little loopy. Since wisdom teeth removal can be painful, the anaesthesia acts to prevent that pain and at the same time makes you feel a bit out of it. Some people react differently to the anaesthesia than others, and it is the ones that are a bit more sensitive to it that end up having the over the top reactions.

There are two general categories of sedation:

Conscious Sedation While the word “conscious” is in the description, you will not be 100% completely aware of the procedure. If the dentist needed you to open your mouth, you would be able to do so, and you would even be able to answer how you are feeling. However, you will have very little memories of the procedure and won’t feel any pain during the process. There are very few side effects other than the loopy feeling; the effects will usually completely wear off within hours.

General Anesthesia This method is much stronger and will completely knock you out. Because of this, a mask that fits over your nose may be placed to ensure proper oxygenation. There may also be a few side effects such as sleepiness, dry mouth, nausea, and sore throat, which of course will wear the way a few hours following the procedure.

Which type of sedation is best? There are several factors such as comfort level, nervousness, an overactive gag reflex or length of the procedure that can dictate a better option. Always discuss with your dentist to find the best option for you!

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