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If you have crooked teeth or a smile with gaps, Fastbraces and Invisalign can help. Dr. Arezo Zarghouni at Prestigious Smiles Dentistry uses Fastbraces® and Invisalign to give patients a smile they are proud to show off. Both can be removed in as little as three months for some patients or within a year for others. Don’t wait to fix your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zarghouni online or by contacting her office today.

Fastbraces & Invisalign Q & A

What are Fastbraces® and Invisalign?

Fastbraces and Invisalign are used to straighten your teeth so you can finally have the smile you’ve dreamed of.

Different from traditional braces, Fastbraces:

  • Straighten the root and tooth simultaneously
  • Have a unique square-shaped wire
  • Use triangular shaped brackets attached to the teeth
  • Even out your bite and make chewing easier
  • Ease jaw pain and prevent jaw disorders from developing
  • Improve speech
  • Help you feel more confident

By straightening the root and your tooth at the same time, Fastbraces give you results quickly.

Invisalign differs from traditional braces in that they are:

  • Clear and don’t show
  • Removable
  • A series of custom-made retainers

You’ll wear Fastbraces or Invisalign for anywhere between three months to one year, while traditional braces are often on for two or three years or more.

Are Fastbraces or Invisalign a good option for me?

Not only for children and teenagers, Fastbraces and Invisalign are a great solution for adults who live a busy lifestyle and don’t want to be burdened with the length of traditional braces. You should consider Fastbraces or Invisalign if you are unhappy with teeth that are:

  • Crooked and uneven
  • Grown in behind other teeth
  • Improperly spaced or have gaps between them

To see if you are a candidate for Fastbraces or Invisalign, Dr. Zarghouni evaluates your teeth at your appointment. She’ll x-ray your mouth and create molds of your teeth before creating a treatment plan customized for you.

What are the benefits of Fastbraces and Invisalign versus traditional braces?  

Not only do they give you straight teeth quickly, but they:

  • Are more affordable than traditional braces
  • Reduce decay on teeth because treatment time is shorter
  • Can be less painful than conventional braces

How do I care for my teeth while I have Fastbraces or Invisalign?

Practicing good oral hygiene is essential when you have Fastbraces or Invisalign as it helps prevent staining after they are removed. You can easily care for your teeth during treatment by:

  • Brushing your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day
  • Daily flossing with special floss for braces
  • Rinsing out your mouth after eating
  • Avoiding certain foods that can stain your teeth

If you want a straighter smile using a faster, more affordable, and less traditional method, you should consider Fastbraces and Invisalign. Make an appointment with Dr. Zarghouni using the online system or by contacting her office today.