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What are veneers and Lumineers?

Veneers and Lumineers are little pieces of porcelain designed to fit over your existing teeth to help you achieve a perfect, straight smile. You may decide to get veneers or Lumineers to:

Hide broken or chipped teeth

Cover discolored teeth

Straighten out uneven teeth

What is the difference between veneers and Lumineers?

Though both veneers and Lumineers are generally made from pieces of porcelain (although veneers can also be made from resin or composite material), they do have one significant difference when it comes to thickness.

Lumineers are much thinner than veneers, and while veneers are thin themselves, Lumineers are about the thickness of a contact lens. This often results in less prep work before application than veneers do.

Veneers And Lumineers

How are veneers and Lumineers applied?

To prepare for veneers, Dr. Zarghouni removes some of the enamel on your teeth to make room for their application. You may choose a temporary anesthetic if you have sensitive teeth. She makes note of the color of your teeth so that your new veneers will match with the perfect shade.

She then makes a mold of your teeth and sends the impression to a dental laboratory to have your veneers made, which can take 1-2 weeks to process.

Depending on how much enamel has been trimmed away from your teeth, Dr. Zarghouni may recommend temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent ones. Once they are ready, you’ll return to Prestigious Smiles Family Dentistry to have them cemented to the front of your teeth.

Both veneers and Lumineers snugly fit over your teeth but are applied differently. Lumineers don’t need as much prep time because no enamel is removed and no anesthetic or shots are needed.

Dr. Zarghouni makes an impression of your bite and has the Lumineers made for you, then you return to Prestigious Smiles Family Dentistry so she can apply them on top of your teeth.

How long do veneers and Lumineers last?

On average, porcelain veneers can last about ten years before they may need replacing, while veneers made of resin don’t last as long and may break down or change color over time. Lumineers have a long lifespan and can last on average for 20 years.

How do I care for my veneers and Lumineers?

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

Flossing your teeth daily

Rinsing your mouth out daily with mouthwash

Visiting your dentist for regular checkups

Avoiding food and drinks that stain teeth

Being careful when biting into hard food

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